We help you find the funding, and we take care
of all of the collections, making our Patent
Pending system "turn-key" for the dealer
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We began developing our patent pending system in July of 2006. By November of 2007 our first Buy Here Pay Here Lease was contracted at our first producing dealership in St. Louis Missouri.

Over $200,000 was spent in development, and gaining approval from the Missouri State Division of Finance, the Federal Depository Insurance Commission (FDIC), and various attorneys, agencies, and dealerships.

We made "Business Model" patent application in May of 2008.

We are based in Springfield, Missouri.

We began presenting our program nationwide in July 2008.

We signed up our first out of state dealer in July 2008

We have signed agents in six states as of October 2008 (Florida, Texas, Missouri, Colorado,Michigan and North Carolina)

Our Web site was launched in September 2008
Prime Eagle.LLC

3240 East Ridgeview
Springfield, MO 65804
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