We help you find the funding, and we take care
of all of the collections, making our Patent
Pending system "turn-key" for the dealer
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Prime Eagle, is a partner that is actively interested in doing what a good partner should do, finding ways to create safer returns, for everyone. It may not sound all that snappy, but dealers understand that there are many concerns to every deal. There are a lot of people who talk about making you money, but the contingent liabilities are either unknown, or too great. They try to blind themselves, and sometimes, their partners to these risks.
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Putting a car on the street that you are loaning the money on, means that it needs to :
  • Be repaired in the event of an accident (full coverage insurance, inc. in payment)
  • Be paid off, if totaled or stolen. (GAP)
  • Be recovered, if in default. (GPS location, tracking, and starter interrupt)
Prime Eagle.LLC

3240 East Ridgeview
Springfield, MO 65804
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