We help you find the funding, and we take care
of all of the collections, making our Patent
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The BUY-HERE-PAY-THERE Lease Program
For almost two decades now new car dealers have been talking about, and some, enjoying the benefits of the Buy-Here-Pay-Here (BHPH) market segment. Many have looked at the enterprise from the outside calculating the risks and the challenges. The two main drawbacks to the whole market are cash flow and the management of the portfolio, or how do we collect, what if they do not pay, on time, etc.?

Prime Eagle, LLC was created to answer these two concerns, along with others, in order to partner with the new car dealer to capture this market. We see this as a partnership because the risks are truly shared. Unlike the normal retail installment loan, with the indirect relationship being more adversarial, this arrangement is allowing the dealer to realize the advantages of the BHPH market without tying up his money for years, and learning the banking business or selling his "paper" at pennies on the dollar.

Prime Eagle, LLC’s strategy is so revolutionary there is no other one like it in the United States. Through a painstaking and tedious process of discovery Prime Eagle, LLC has tried to answer the concerns of the dealer.
Let’s assume you are a new car dealer wanting to benefit from the BHPH business/market. Most dealers, in today’s fiercely competitive market realize that the more times they can "turn" their inventory dollar the greater their chances become to be profitable. This "driver" dictates used car buying, trading, new car ordering, even discounts or incentives paid for over-aged units. Loaning money for months or years at a time through the normal BHPH structure (floor plan or cash) destroys cash flows and reduces the "turn" or times in circulation of that inventory dollar.

The combined risks of increasing receivables to a higher threat investment (granted with a higher yield) is too much to risk, in an already risky business. Prime Eagle, LLC through its Buy - Here - Pay - There design eliminates this problem! You will not have to sacrifice one dollar to the BHPH market, so your "turn" or times in circulation of your inventory dollar is not only not diminished, it literally increases. This, while no negative effect on your cash flow.

The collection of the payments are completely and professionally managed by Prime Eagle, through ACH’s/EFT’s or coupon book (Lock Box) with 1st National Bank of St. Louis (Central Bank Shares of Jeff City). That means all payments, reporting of activity to the bureau, repossessions, etc., will be directed and managed by your partner Prime Eagle, LLC. Prime Eagle, LLC has considered the potential risks to you, and has devised a system which mitigates most, if not all, of those risks.
It’s a Lease
Our strategy includes Leases instead of retail installment contracts. This allows for you to secure your "rolling stock inventory" (car) the day after the payment is missed. No right to cure, no protracted legal wrangling, all of it is secure, and sure.

This also allows for our use of the Acquisition Fee to mitigate even more risks. While the discretionary Acquisition Fee may be used by us to increase our profit, or be held to offset our potential losses, the Prime Eagle, LLC system invests in strategies to reduce your risks through the placement of GAP, and GPS location. In other words we, “put our money where our mouth is” by investing this discretionary income back in to YOU! We literally have protected dealers from themselves, by eliminating the “choice” to spend the money on GAP and GPS, . . . because of us it IS on there.
Putting a car on the street that you are loaning the money on, means that it needs to :
  • Be repaired in the event of an accident (full coverage insurance, inc. in payment)
  • Be paid off, if totaled or stolen. (GAP)
  • Be recovered, if in default. (GPS location, tracking, and starter interrupt)
It’s all in there
Because it is a lease, the taxes, registration, and even the property and casualty insurance is paid each and every payment, eliminating these unmentionables as potential liabilities!

If you were loaning the money, if it were your BHPH program this would be the way you would want it protected, and collected.

Weekly payments will assist everyone in monitoring our customer (as well as reporting to the bureau). They will not have weeks or months to disappear, or have a "free ride" until you find them.

Less expensive vehicles (we recommend $3k - $5k average) with the same, if not greater average per retail potential (up front profit) reduces exposure. Less depreciation, less overall risk to loan, more profit, with more volume begins to sound like a good idea!

Shorter loan cycles, (average 18 months) will increase equity, shorten trade cycles, and create future buyers with higher loyalty, and increased buying power ("sweet spot with greater payout potential is $85 to $110 per week, without insurance inc."). You will be helping to make a more attractive buyer, a more socially responsible person, which means securing a greater market share in the present and future.

Clear, easy buying guide and deal structure to reduce, and maybe, eliminate misunderstandings.

Prime Eagle, LLC is a partner that is actively interested in doing what a good partner should do, finding ways to create safer returns, for everyone. It may not sound all that snappy, but dealers understand that there are many concerns to every deal. There are a lot of people who talk about making you money, but the contingent liabilities are either unknown, or too great. They try to blind themselves, and sometimes, their partners to these risks.

Prime Eagle, LLC looks forward to entering in to a partnership with you, to create more opportunity than you are currently realizing, and mitigate the risks associated with that opportunity.
Michael Thomas, Presidentlogo
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