We help you find the funding, and we take care
of all of the collections, making our Patent
Pending system "turn-key" for the dealer
Services Provided
We are actually a payment service for portfolios created by dealers who use our patent pending Buy Here Pay Here leasing system. We are able to maintenance any size portfolio and in any state, country or industry, including trailers, RV’s, ATV’s, marine, heavy equipment, etc.

The automotive industry was where we developed our patent pending system. And the main reason we did was because for the last 20 plus years the market for the new car franchise has changed considerably (see charts).
At the same time as these changes were occurring many new car dealers talked about, and some, enjoyed the benefits of the Buy - Here - Pay - Here (BHPH) market segment. Many have looked at the enterprise from the outside calculating the risks and the challenges. The two main drawbacks to the whole market are cash flow and the management of the portfolio, or how do we collect, what if they do not pay, on time, etc?

Prime Eagle, LLC has created their patent pending system to address these two concerns, along with others, in order to partner with the new car dealer to capture this market. We see this as a partnership because the risks are truly shared. Unlike the normal indirect retail installment loan, with the indirect relationship being more adversarial, this arrangement allows the dealer to realize the advantages of the BHPH market without tying up his money for years, and learning the banking business or selling his "paper" at pennies on the dollar.

Prime Eagle, LLC’s strategy is so revolutionary there is no other one like it in the United States. Through a painstaking and tedious process of discovery Prime Eagle, LLC has tried to answer the concerns of the dealer.

We help structure the financial relationship between dealer and lender. We also provide dealer with all leasing documentation, and then begin the collection process while the customer is still in the dealership. We collect all payments through any and all means necessary, IE, ACH/EFT, wire, debit cards, credit cards etc.

We track and maintenance all customer payments, and report that activity to the credit bureau. We then separate those monies and make all payments for sales tax, registration(s), full coverage insurance, and make principle and interest payments on any funding.
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